Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6/7/8 PN-03

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Brand: Remax 

Type: Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6/7/8

Model: PN-03
Battery Capacity: 3400mAh
Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery
Input: DC5V-1.0A(max)
Output: DC5V-1.0A(max)
Materials: PC+PVC+V0 fireproofing
CE, FCC, ROHS approved

Function: Remax Penen PN-03 is an elegant case that not only protects smartphone, but also has one more important function. Thanks to the built-in power bank , the accessory is also an energy lifebuoy, which our power-free equipment can grab. Placed on the back of the case, an additional battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh, is always at hand, practical support in crisis situations that does not require wearing any extras gadgets. Despite the increased dimensions, the housing does not adversely affect the comfort of the phone. You can still use it comfortably, even with one hand. The whole was made of high quality, durable materials, so we do not have to worry about possible damage.

Package Included:  
1x 3400 mAh REMAX power bank
1x Retail Box