Desktop Speaker RB-M9

Regular price $64.99 CAD

Brand: Remax 

Type: Bluetooth speaker

High quality speaker: thinner body, 3.5W*2 stereo audio, powerful surging sound sends out.HiFi all the night, built-in 1800mAh polymer battery, can play more than 6 hours.
Acoustic curve: Every Frequency which is more balanced, more real the sound detail.
Wireless: import Bluetooth 4.0 chip, distance is 15m, loss less transmission source, Answer call: support voice call,hand free.
AUX: support AUX audio cable input, convenience for use.

Size: 175*175*40mm 
Power input: DC5V, 500mA 
Output power: 3.5w*2(dB, 1kHz) 
Bluetooth input sensitivity: 950mv(dB, 1kHz) 
Distortion:<=0.5%(1KHZ, 1W) 
Cross talk:>=70dB