Alien Series Car Charger 2 USB Ports With Voltage Indicator RCC208

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Brand: Remax

monitoring voltage ,Dual USB sync fast charge, Piano paint, red LED Show, intelligent current, intelligent inner, strong compatibility.
LED digital display : monitoring voltage in time.
Dual USB intelligent current output: for 2 mobile equipment charge in the same time, high quality inner, automatic identify current to output.
Show the voltage: low voltage for long time, maybe damage the car-battery, so that make it don't start up and car-light can't work and so on.
Charger long time can't hot: PC+ABS(V0)level, flame retardant materials, Charger long time can't hot,Green and safe non-toxic.

Material: PC+ABS 
Size: 60*22*22mm
Screen display: red
Function: give the mobile equipment to charge.