Sporty bluetooth earphone RB-S8

Regular price $56.99 CAD Sale price $49.99 CAD

Brand: Remax 

Type: Bluetooth earphone

Compatible with mobile phone and tablet which have the Bluetooth function 

For your sport, gym, running, mountain climbing, riding more dynamic, power and passion, wireless and pendant control and wear to add your convenience and fashion. For the movement came into being, let the sweat more fierce.

Phone function: answer / hang up / refute / callback.
Three-way calling.
Can be connected to two devices .
Technology sense of breathing light .
Pendant control.
Neckband&ear hook in-ear style.
Braid wire.
Neckband style charging port by magnetic bar design, improve the ear hook To prevent the pull, and fall down, resulting in some damage to the ears and pain.
Bluetooth range: 10m
Power indicator: red light on when charging, and blue light on when fully charged

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